"Art has enticed me. At the same time, I use art as a tool to entice."

"In China, the history of an individual often reflects the history of a family and a state. I hope my art can explore deeply a person's inner world: his/her experience of and aspiration toward life and dreams."

"The thing that a wild dog hates most is the chain."

"I want to question everything that I feel."

"The issues that concern me are both personal and social. There is a wealth of materials that artists can use in China today. But it is challenging to transform them into individual and distinctive art forms."

"There are many works representing children nowadays. Children in my works, however, were only kind of symbols. They may be symbolic of a developmental phase in humanity. They are yet to grow, or they will never grow up."

"As a child, I often had dreams at night. As an artist, I often live in daydreams."

"In my work, I try to pierce the surface of life to reach the inner reality of people living in the city today."

"Making art is an interesting and dangerous thing to me. I found my true self in it."