Facing China, facing you...

This website accompanies the traveling exhibition Facing China - Works of Art from The Fu Ruide Collection. The collection, first on view in Iceland in May 2008, is currently traveling to museums and venues worldwide. Facing China features works of art by and photographic portraits of a unique generation of artists that flourished in the years following the 1989 revolt. The exhibition includes artist portraits photographed by Christoph Fein and works of art by nine artists from this ‘golden generation’:

Liu Ye
Zhang Xiaogang
Fang Lijun
Yue Minjun
Yang Shaobin
Tang Zhigang
Chen Qing Qing
Zhao Nengzhi
Wei Dong

The catalogue contains essays by the curator-director of the Akureyri Art Museum Hannes Sigurðsson, ‘lover of the arts’, the former President of Iceland Mrs. Vigdís Finnbogadóttir and the international art critics Li Xianting from China,
and Robert C. Morgan from the USA.

(Fu Ruide, The Netherlands)

“Living in a period of change, uncertainty, and fragmentation, these artists
turned their attention away from heroic expressions and grand social visions
to the everyday.”

(Li Xianting – the ‘Godfather’ of Chinese Avant-Garde art,
and essayist of Facing China)

“I would say that ‘Facing China’ is a collection of contemporary Chinese painting and sculpture that represents not only the face, but a synthesis of the body and mind, in the great Taoist tradition of the yin-yang.”
(Robert C. Morgan - International critic, curator, and lecturer,
essayist of Facing China)

“The art scene in Beijing has skyrocketed, both in terms of the number of professional artists as well as the money being spent on their work.”
(Hannes Sigurðsson – Curator of the Iceland exhibition, Essayist of Facing China)

“Art creates invisible bonds between the seemingly divided cultures of the world.”
(Vigdís Finnbogadóttir – ‘Lover of the Arts’ and President of Iceland 1980-1996, essayist of Facing China)

“The artists all had studios which were basically very similar to mine – brushes
and paints instead of cameras and lenses, the tea ceremony table instead of the
espresso machine.”

(Christoph Fein – Photographer of the Artist Portraits, essayist of Facing China)

“All good art contains an element of mystery. The mystery stimulates your mind,
and encourages you to embark on a quest for the unknown.”

(Fu Ruide – Art Collector, essayist of Facing China)