This website accompanies the travelling exhibition 'Facing China - Works of Art from The Fu Ruide Collection with Artist Portraits by photographer Christoph Fein'. Starting in Iceland in May 2008, the show has traveled to museums in Austria, Norway, Finland and Sweden, as well as other venues.
Facing China features works of art by and photographic portraits of a unique generation of artists that flourished in the years following the 1989 revolt. This exhibition includes nine artists from this 'golden generation':

  • Liu Ye
  • Zhang Xiaogang
  • Fang Lijun
  • Yue Minjun
  • Yang Shaobin
  • Tang Zhigang
  • Chen Qing Qing
  • Zhao Nengzhi
  • Wei Dong

The catalogue contains essays by the curator-director of the Akureyri Art Museum Hannes Sigurðsson, 'lover of the arts', the former President of Iceland Mrs. Vigdís Finnbogadóttir and the international art critics Li Xianting from China, and Robert C. Morgan from the USA.

(Fu Ruide, The Netherlands)